Are team members allowed to physically sit together, and use the one device for the online competition?

Yes, members from the same team are welcome to physically sit together, and use the same device for the competition. Team members will need to ensure that they are both clearly visible to the mediator and the other team.

Can our coach/es observe the rounds our team participates in?

Yes, your team’s coach (or coaches) can observe the rounds you will be participating in (see APCMC Rule 2.10). Unlike Q1. above, they will of course need to be on a separate device.

Can we communicate with our coach(es) during the rounds and vice versa?

No, your coach/es may ONLY observe the round.

Team members and coach/es are prohibited from communicating amongst each other in any way during the Mediation (see APCMC Rule 2.9).

Violation of this Rule, regardless of the substance thereof, and regardless of whether initiated by a participant or by any other person, may result in disqualification from the Competition of the whole Team with which the person is associated (see APCMC Rule 8.0).

What is considered permissible assistance by the coach, prior to the Mediations?

The coach(es) may advise and assist their Team in its planning and preparation for the Competition, including in advance of Final Rounds (see APCMC Rule 2.8).