Fast-track Mediation

Your cost-effective and efficient mediation service for resolving disputes.

Why Mediate?

ADC Fast-Track mediation is a cost-effective and efficient mediation service for resolving disputes. Do you have a conflict to resolve now, and do you want a fast, easy, less expensive way to resolve it? The Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) can help you.

As disputes are often protracted and expensive to resolve, Fast-Track mediation focuses on a quick, inexpensive and confidential way to resolve issues in the workplace, at your sports club or with clients and service providers. It provides a private way to identify a mutually beneficial resolution.

Mediation is a flexible and effective process to use at any stage of a dispute, including during an existing Internal Dispute Resolution process.

Why ADC?

Once decided on a Fast-Track mediation, ADC will appoint a professional mediator to assist in the mediation process. Our nationwide panel of mediators are all highly skilled and independent specialists.

Importantly, our mediators work to manage the mediation as an impartial third party. They do not make any decision during the process. Instead, they assist in exploring options that are mutually beneficial for the parties.

Most importantly, ADC offers an economic, flat cost for Fast-Track customers. We appoint an experienced mediator to have preliminary meetings with each of the parties and conduct a half-day joint mediation session. If needed, extending the mediation for a standard hourly fee is optional.

Who benefits?

ADC’s Fast-Track mediation works in many sectors – including Sports, Local Government, Workplace, and Financial Service. Click the images below to explore more details.

To request the appointment of an ADC Fast Track mediator, or simply to find out more, contact ADC by phone: +61 2 9239 0700 or email:

Sports Codes

ADC provides a conflict resolution process that highlights rebuilding relationships for everyone involved in sporting activities. Choosing Fast-Track mediation lowers the risks of breaking existing relationships and focusses on a partnership process that helps parties move forward on a stronger, more positive footing.

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Local Government

Fast-Track mediation offers a more friendly way to resolve issues between councils, ratepayers, service providers and other stakeholders. Parties involved can have more control over on the outcome, as they seek a mutually satisfactory agreement.

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Workplace conflict can happen in any business, from large corporations to small, not-for-profit organisations. Fast-Track mediation offers an effective negotiating process in a safe environment. Mediation provides parties with an opportunity to collaboratively design creative solutions to workplace conflict and repair professional relationships.

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Financial Services

For Financial Services complaints and disputes, Fast-Track mediation offers financial services companies and their clients an effective Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. The parties can discuss and resolve their conflict in an inexpensive, quick, and confidential way. Parties can reach an agreement that meets their needs and interests and avoid the time, costs and stress of escalating disputes to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) or litigation.

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