Deborah Lockhart
Deborah Lockhart Chief Executive Officer
Deborah was appointed as CEO of the Australian Disputes Centre in November 2013. Prior to joining the not-for-profit sector, Deborah worked as a specialist dispute resolution consultant for a range ASX 100 and Fortune 500 corporations, with a particular emphasis on financial services disputes, large portfolio issues and remediation projects.

An early advocate for timely, cost-efficient and private dispute resolution, Deborah introduced the commercial benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to the financial services sector in the early 1990’s. Following a significant career at AMP as a specialist dispute resolver and complaints systems designer, Deborah was appointed as Head of Dispute Resolution for ING Australia, where she established and managed one of Australia’s leading insurance litigation teams with a strategic focus on the effective utilisation of ADR processes.

Deborah was accredited as a Conflict Coach in 2010 and as an Advanced Mediator with the Australian Disputes Centre in 2009. Deborah’s specialist mediation training also includes the Mawul-Rom Cross-Cultural program in Arnhem Land, LEADR Mediator Accreditation, LLM coursework at the University of Technology and the Harvard Law School mediation workshop in 1993. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

Deborah is a Member of the Steering Committee for the Australian ADR Industry Forum, Editorial Panel Member of the Lexis Nexis ADR Bulletin, Contributing Editor of the Commercial Dispute Resolution section, Australian Dispute Resolution Journal, Thomson Reuters and Member of the Melbourne Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre Advisory Committee.