Introducing ADC’s Book Club!

A 35th Anniversary Initiative 2021.

Staying Current and Connected

We warmly welcome ADC Alumni to stay in touch with the ADC, their fellow mediation training participants, other members of the ADC Alumni network and the broader ADR community through ADC’s Book Club.

With a reading list designed to complement ADC’s mediation training and your professional development, Book Club will help you to deepen your dispute resolution knowledge and expertise in a fun, engaging networking opportunity.

Professional Support

Our Book Club curators (drawn from ADC’s training faculty) will help guide your discussion. Together you will be tapping into the broad and diverse professional and life experiences of your book group members. This is an opportunity to think critically about the ever-changing, complex and fascinating ways that your mediation and conflict management skills can apply in the real world.

Planned with your busy schedule in mind, ADC Book Club groups meet bi-monthly (every 2 months), on a weeknight that best suits your group’s diaries.

Your Reward Points

Your reading, and regular ADC Book Club meetings, curated by ADC’s training faculty, are rewarding in another important way – the eligibility for CPD points towards your NMAS reaccreditation.

Under NMAS you are eligible for 5 hours in self-directed learning (i.e. reading books). To tally your additional points from the Book Club Session you will need to decide how much time was spent in ‘learning’ and how much time was spent in ‘catching up/socialising’ with colleagues. It will depend on the group, but generally we would expect that from each 1.5 hour meeting you can record at least 1 CPD point. Including reading time that gives you at least 11 – 12 hours in CPD points. You only need 25 points over a 2-year period.

Giving Back

ADC’s Book Club supports professional development and connections is many ways.

For those interested in giving back by connecting with dispute resolvers in regional, remote and international contexts, ADC Book Club participants are invited to link with ‘Book Club Connect’.

Book Club Connect encourages all book clubs (ours included) to share their ‘reads’ with those who can benefit from access to these books. We recognise that not all dispute resolvers have the financial resources to purchase professional text books, or the professional support system to recommend them. Many regional, remote and international dispute resolvers would be thrilled to connect with other ADR professionals through the sharing of books.

More than just a helpful gift, donating your books creates another opportunity for professional connections to develop. Book Club Connect creates a chance for you to bond with dispute resolvers in regional and remote Australia, the South Pacific and beyond. In so doing, you will be joining an exciting and rewarding conversation, and contributing to a global movement for community cohesion, peace and reconciliation, and best-practice private dispute resolution.

Your Book Club Investment

To join ADC’s Book Club, the cost is $300 +GST for a yearly membership; providing six book club sessions of 1.5 hours throughout the year.

In a self-determinative process, we leave you agree on your text and buy the book.  The group agrees on the text that they are going to study, and on the pace of learning. Generally one or possibly two books will be needed for all six sessions, depending on the texts.