Asia-Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition 2024

Professional Volunteers

If you are familiar with mock-mediation competitions (or would like to get involved), passionate about ADR and want to support young and rising talent who share the same ambition, we would love to hear from you!

We warmly invite mediators and other ADR professionals to help make the Competition an exceptional learning opportunity for undergraduate students by lending your expertise as Competition Judges, Mediators, or Coaches/Mentors. Professional volunteers will meet the brightest young minds in our international marketplace and play a part in a unique global initiative attesting to the future of dispute resolution!

Benefits include:

  • Multiple networking opportunities with ADR professionals, diplomats, and judiciary from across the Asia-Pacific region
  • Hone your professional skills as mediators and judges
  • Gain valuable CPD points

If you know of anyone who would also like to join us as a volunteer for any of the above roles, we would also be thrilled to hear from them. We appreciate if you can share this page and encourage them to fill out the application form.

There are four key volunteer roles in the Competition:

  • Competition Mediator
  • Competition Judge
  • Team Coach/Mentor
  • Session Supervisors

Competition Mediator

In this role you will be a mediator in one or more rounds of the competition, mediating between two competing teams in a mock dispute. We will run training sessions for all mediators and coaches, but if you’d like to know more now, full details of this role can be found in Annex III of the Competition Rules.

Competition Judge

In this role you will be a judge in one or more rounds of the competition, evaluating the performances of the competing teams. We will run training sessions for all mediators and coaches, but if you’d like to know more now, full details of this role can be found in Annex IV of the Competition Rules.

Team Coach/Mentor

Are you interested in working with a small group of high ranking students to prepare for the competition? Many teams have their own coach, but others do not have this support. The APCMC seeks to ensure all teams who want a coach have one available to them. This is a particularly rewarding voluntary role for experienced ADR professionals.

Session Supervisors

Not competing? No problem! Professionals and students can also get involved by volunteering as Session Supervisors.

They assist Judges with administrative tasks such as time-keeping and observing that APCMC rules have been followed in each round of the Competition. Other tasks can also include taking attendance and recording the names and schools of the participating competitors in each round, in addition to reading the Student Pledge for each team. It is fun, great networking, and you learn a lot!

Who can apply?

The Organising Committee selects professionals based on the following criteria:

  • mediation training
  • mediation qualification and accreditation
  • experience in conducting (commercial) mediations
  • experience in representing parties in commercial mediations
  • experience in conducting mediation and ADR training
  • other relevant dispute resolution or other professional background
  • experience with other mediation competitions
  • your availability

Easy Application Process

We encourage your early application. Please click the button below to apply using the online application form.

Applications are considered by the Organising Committee and we will let you know the outcome as soon as possible.

Support with an Induction Session

There is a short induction session held in the week prior to the competition for all professionals involved. Full details TBA.


Professionals are not expected to be available for the whole Competition. If you can be available for substantial parts of the Competition, your commitment is welcome.

Volunteer Application Form here