ADC Case Management

ADC’s full case management service provides you with the independence and professionalism needed in resolving disputes. Our highly respected ‘light touch’ process provides a fast and cost-effective path for appointing mediators, arbitrators, experts and other ADR neutrals from our distinguished panel of ADR professionals, and for the complete administration of the relevant process.

The Experts in Helping Resolve Disputes

ADC has administered disputes through its case management service for nearly 40 years.  You can rely on ADC’s depth of experience and independence in appointing an impartial and highly-skilled practitioner who meets the needs of the parties. [Read More]

ADC’s Panel of Neutrals is a senior panel of Australia’s leading ADR professionals. If ADC considers that it does not have the requisite expertise for your matter on its Panel, it will appoint the right person off panel. Wherever you are based, ADC can appoint a local ADR Practitioner, or one willing to travel to you. ADC’s Panellists are also well equipped to manage your process online, as needed.

ADC Processes – Downloadable Fact Sheets

For a detailed summary of the steps undertaken in accordance with the ADC Guidelines and Rules, please download the relevant factsheet:

ADC Mediation/Conciliation Process
• ADC Domestic Arbitration Process
ADC Expert Determination Process

ADC has detailed Guidelines and Rules, which provide the framework for various dispute resolution processes. The Guidelines and Rules also set out terms and conditions governing the way in which the relevant dispute resolution process will occur. Parties may agree to the application of the ADC Guidelines or Rules in their contract or subsequent to a dispute arising.

The relevant set of Guidelines or Rules applicable to a particular ADR process are also available as free downloads for a full explanation of the relevant requirements for that process.

Do you have ‘ACDC’ named in your contract?

The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC), is a prior registered name of ADC. If ACDC is referenced in your contract, ADC remains the organisation to which your dispute is referred.