A Golden Night of Nights for the Australian ADR Industry

The theme of the Australian ADR Awards 2024 – Pure Gold – reached its zenith at the 8th Annual Gala Dinner and ADR Awards ceremony, held at the iconic Australian Golf Club in Sydney. This celebrated event not only recognised the remarkable achievements within the ADR community but also highlighted the rich contributions of its members towards innovation and the advancement of ADR practices.

Guest were bedazzled by brilliant performances from the Music Theatre students of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and the gala night was further illuminated by Dr Alireza Yavari, Secretary-General of the Middle East Court of International Arbitration. Dr Yavari’s After Dinner Speech about his passion for collecting rare gold coins beautifully tied into the theme, offering attendees a unique perspective on the value of preserving and cherishing excellence in the field of dispute resolution.

Amid the awards and accolades, a moment of light-hearted humour resonated with the promise to dig deeper into the ‘Pure Gold’ theme for next year’s event, playfully alluding to minting real gold coins in light of Dr Yavari’s engaging tales. This blend of recognition, inspiration, and humour at The Australian Golf Club underscored the evening’s success, embodying the creativity, resilience, and unity of the ADR community. The gala dinner thus stands as a testament to the enduring impact and timeless value of excellence in ADR, making it a truly memorable culmination of the dispute resolution industry’s aspirations and achievements.

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Comments from Two Australian ADR Award Winners 2024

Ms Ena Shaw
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner of the Year 2024

“The work carried out by family practitioners ties in very comfortably with an old Jewish saying, “If you save a life, you save the world”. I am not sure that I am saving the world, but I am sure that I have assisted many parents change their behaviour to enable their children to have a less conflictual world and thereby be able to live their lives more happily. Research has clearly demonstrated that where there is conflict after separation, children are at most risk. Therefore, to lessen the conflict is to make the family a safer place for the children.

It is difficult to quantify exactly what difference we as mediators make but we do make a difference. The cumulative effect of this difference goes a long way in making life better for everyone.”

Mr Ippei Okazaki
Community Mediator of the Year 2024

“Winning the prestigious ADR Awards’ Community Mediator of the Year award not only celebrates the achievements of the community, which had to navigate through pre-existing conflicts that can hinder the extended recovery process following major natural disasters, but also serves as a catalyst for future endeavours to “build back better,” fostering disaster preparedness, confidence, and enhancing community resilience.”