Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mediation Training Scholarships Program

ADC is dedicated to advancing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) knowledge and skills across Australia and internationally. Our Vision is a world where businesses, government entities and communities in dispute have the knowledge, skills, resources and the commitment to utilise ADR processes appropriate to the nature of their dispute.

Our Mission is to provide an ADR centre of excellence that is the first choice for Australian and international organisations and individuals to resolve, or wanting to learn how to resolve, conflict and disputes.

During nearly 30 years of providing its world class mediation training, ADC has trained thousands of mediators from all walks of life. Mediation is a proven dispute resolution process in many cross cultural contexts, both in Australia and internationally. ADC’s Mediation Training Scholarship Program is a key initiative for ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities benefit from access to indiginous mediators who know and understand local cultural perspectives.

ADC’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mediation Scholarships Program was launched in May 2014 by The Hon Fred Chaney, AO. Mr Chaney, is well known as a former federal Senator and Member of the House of Representatives, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and a Director of Reconciliation Australia. Mr Chaney was named Senior Australia of the Year in January 2014.

Mediation Scholarships are offered to members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia who are referred to ADC. The program aims to ensure that participants are not only trained to Australia’s national mediation standards, but also that as mediators they have the support of their communities.

Candidates are chosen recognising their current work in communities, leadership capability in their own field of endeavour [be that paid or voluntary work], their capacity and capability to successfully undertake intensive mediation training and their interest and willingness to champion the benefits of mediation in their respective communities.

The first Scholarship recipients commenced training in Sydney in June 2014. In our program to date we have trained recipients from a grass roots urban community, regional and remote land council, education, child protection and the arts.

Read more about our inspiring scholarship recipients: Jenny Beath and David Peachy

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