Australian ADR Awards Hall of Fame

Recognising significant expertise in the practise of Alternative Dispute Resolution, the three-time winner of an Australian ADR Award, is inducted into the Australian ADR Awards Hall of Fame, and retires from future Awards’ competition.

Mary Walker

Barrister, 9 Wentworth Chambers

Inducted into the Hall of Fame – 9 August 2019

Presented by Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, and Deborah Lockhart, CEO, Australian Disputes Centre

“Mary Walker is our inaugural inductee into the Australian ADR Awards, Hall of Fame

Mary is a NSW Barrister, with a rich and distinguished legal career, specialising in ADR processes.

Spearheading alternative dispute resolution in Australia for the past 29 years, Mary has mediated over 4,000 disputes on countless topics. A non-exhaustive list includes: environmental matters, cross-border disputes, professional and medical negligence, mergers acquisitions and de-mergers, industrial and employment issues, and indigenous and heritage matters.

In the Australian ADR Awards Mary has won ‘Mediator of the Year’ 3 years in a row, and International  Mediator of the Year in 2018, and again now in 2019. In 2018 she was honoured with the Women’s College University of Sydney Alumnae Award and hailed by the Inaugural Doyles’ Mediator List as a Leading Mediator.

Mary continually practices a range of ADR processes, including mediation, arbitration and expert determination, as well as dispute resolution systems design.

Mary is sought after as an international expert, not only supporting Australian ADR. She sits on numerous committees and panels worldwide, such as the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (where she is Co-President), the International Bar Association’s Mediation Committee (where she is Vice-Chair) and the Singapore International Mediation Centre Panel.

Her extensive practical experience is complemented by her authoritative academic expertise and achievements. She has taught at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Tilburg in the Netherlands, and Bond Universities and authored a plethora of academic works that bring the benefits of her knowledge to the legal and ADR communities.

Congratulations Mary on your outstanding legal career and your invaluable contributions to the development of ADR over nearly 3 decades.”

Deborah Lockhart