Local Government Disputes

Your cost-effective and efficient mediation service for resolving Local Government disputes

Why Mediate?

By choosing to mediate, Local Governments, their service providers and their stakeholders are able to discuss and resolve their disputes quickly, inexpensively and confidentially.

A mediator is a neutral, third party who does not make a decision for the parties, but instead helps them to explore alternatives so they can reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Mediation is a flexible and effective process to use at any stage of a dispute, including during the Local Government’s Internal Dispute Resolution process.

A Streamlined Process

Once parties decide to mediate, ADC will appoint an accredited mediator with knowledge and experience relevant to the dispute. All mediators are independent and impartial.

To ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the mediation is scheduled as soon as practicable. ADC helps the parties and mediator arrange the date, time and venue for the mediation, including ADC’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform, ADC Virtual.

To encourage open discussion, mediation is a confidential process, and confidentiality agreements are signed by both parties.

Complainants and Local Government representatives attending the mediation must have authority to settle the dispute. Parties do not need to have a legal adviser with them for the mediation. However, they can choose to be represented.

Mediation is a voluntary process and may be terminated by either party at any time.


One economical, flat fee covers ADC’s appointment of an experienced mediator, parties’ preliminary meetings with the mediator and a half-day mediation session. The parties may agree to extend the mediation for a standard hourly fee.

More information

To request the appointment of a mediator, or simply to find out more about ADC’s Local Government mediation service, see www.disputescentre.com.au/LG or contact ADC by phone 61 2 9239 0700, or email, adr@disputescentre.com.au

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