Cases From the ADC-ICC Asia Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition (APCMC) 2017-2020

This is a compendium of 21 commercial negotiation roleplays written for use in the APCMC from 2017 to 2020. It provides the problem questions used by competing university negotiation teams and professional mediators across four years of the ADC-ICC Asia Pacific Mediation Competition.

The roleplays are designed to assist academics, coaches and others involved in the teaching of mediation and negotiation theory and skills. The problems can be negotiated directly between the parties, or they be used in mediation training i.e., negotiated by the parties with the assistance of a neutral third person.

Each roleplay includes ‘General Facts’ to be known by all parties and the mediator, plus ‘Confidential Facts’ for each party. The roleplays are formatted for easy printing and the distribution of each set of facts.

Covering a broad range of commercial issues and interests the scenarios include matters involving intellectual property, contracts, construction, cross-border themes, commercial relationships and state, corporate and individual actors.

The roleplays are written by barristers, solicitors, mediators and academics working in collaboration to devise novel and negotiable scenarios that are capable of settlement within a defined timeframe, approximately 85-90 minutes.  

We hope that you, your students and colleagues will enjoy this compendium of negotiation roleplays.