Young ADR Practitioner of the Year

Submission Guidelines

All submissions are to be completed on the online form available and address each question for the relevant award category. Answers to each submission question are limited to 250 words.

Each submission is to be accompanied by two written references from an independent third party in support of the submission.  Other supporting documentation that is directly relevant to the submission (i.e. media coverage, statistics) may be provided and should be clearly referenced in the submission.

All submissions are treated in the strictest confidence.  Access to submissions is restricted to ADC personnel administering the awards and the judging panel only.

Submission dates

Submissions open on 1 May 2019. All answers and supporting materials are to be uploaded by the closing date for submission at 5.00pm AEST on 24 June 2019.

Submission Questions

This award recognises excellence as a young practitioner across multiple ADR processes in domestic and/or international disputes. It is open to all Australian ADR practitioners aged 35 years and younger.

Criteria: Submissions will be judged on responses to the following:

  1. Without divulging any confidential case information, outline work that has been undertaken in the last 12 months that demonstrates excellence across multiple ADR processes in the area of ADR.
  2. How have you creatively adapted ADR processes to meet specific needs of clients?
  3. How has your work benefited the clients and your business or organisation?

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