Schools Invitational Debating Competition

ADC’s Schools Invitational Debating Competition offers year 10 students a unique opportunity on Sydney’s debating calendar. Debating teaches students how to find their voice, communicating their thoughts and ideas as a public speaker, how to think on their feet and how to construct a persuasive argument.

The ADC competition creates a unique opportunity for students to build relationships with their peers across Sydney. Drawing students from both public and private schools, students meet and debate over six consecutive weeks in teams made up of debaters from different schools. Students learn about team work, building a network and developing friendships with people they may not ordinarily have the chance to meet.

The ADC debating competition is an important opportunity for students, who have limited or no previous experience of debating, to benefit from specialist coaching. Students develop their debating skills with the support of their teachers in attendance and under the guidance of experienced University Debaters and junior lawyers providing the adjudication and coaching on a pro-bono basis.

The Grand Final of ADC’s inaugural debating competition in 2014 was held at King & Wood Mallesons with the keynote address by the Honourable Justice Francois Kunc from the NSW Supreme Court. The development of the students’ debating skills, from week one to the Grand Final, was a tribute to the enthusiasm and commitment of all of the young participants in the competition who dared to do something different.

ADC is proud to be partnering with University Debating Societies and young lawyers across Sydney who generously provide their coaching and adjudication services on a pro bono basis for the benefit of the year 10 students. Our warm thanks also to King & Wood Mallesons for their kind support in 2014 and to the Honourable Justice Francois Kunc for his generous time and interest in the achievements of the students.