We are excited to share with you the news that the Australian International Disputes Centre and the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre have amalgamated into one brand; the Australian Disputes Centre.

The increased globalisation of Australian business interests has created an opportunity for the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) to integrate its operations and more efficiently deliver its Alternative Dispute Resolution services both nationally and internationally.

The new brand and the integrated operation create a focus that accelerates the uptake of ADR in Australia and contributes to advancing Australia’s profile as one of the premier locations in the region for resolving cross‐border disputes.   “Confidence in the competency and effectiveness of dispute resolution is essential to efficient national and global commerce and ADC will be at the forefront of ensuring Australia’s leadership in these services”, says, ADC Chair, Michael Talbot.

Deborah Lockhart, ADC’s Chief Executive says “We have a very broad client base – large corporations and SME’s across all sectors, government entities, lawyers, ADR practitioners and community members  ‐  that will benefit from the clarity of having ADC as one representative brand.    The operational and marketing synergies achieved will also improve our ability to respond with greater agility to our clients’ needs and market opportunities”.

To keep things simple we have retained the same web address: www.disputescentre.com.au and there is no change to our email addresses, phone or fax numbers or ABN.

Established in 1986 ADC is an independent, not‐ for‐profit organisation dedicated to providing an alternative dispute resolution centre‐of‐excellence in Australia that is the first choice for Australian and international organisations and individuals wanting to resolve, or learn how to resolve, conflict and disputes.   ADC remains Australia’s ADR collaborative hub and is unique in the Asia‐Pacific region for the breadth of its services and facilities.

ADC’s vision is a world where businesses, government entities and communities have the knowledge, skills, resources and the commitment to utilise ADR processes appropriate to the nature of their dispute. Your interest and support helps us all benefit from the timely, cost effective and confidential resolution of disputes.