How the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry can leverage interdisciplinary research to more effectively engage with Indigenous communities

Deborah Lockhart and Jessica Xu

Since 2010, mining companies have requested permission for the destruction of over 463 Aboriginal heritage sites. Recent high-profile events have profoundly impacted culturally significant Indigenous sites, and mining companies are under intense pressure to demonstrate greater sensitivity in their relationships with stakeholders. In this paper presented to the APPEA Conference in Perth on 17 June 2021, Deborah Lockhart, CEO of the Australian Disputes Centre explores how the upstream petroleum industry can leverage current interdisciplinary research to engage with Indigenous communities more effectively, both nationally and internationally.

Download the Extended Abstract for the APPEA conference paper HERE.

First Published in The APPEA Journal – Volume 61 – 2 July 2021. Our thanks to APPEA for the opportunity to share this paper with you. To read the original publication in the APPEA Journal HERE.