ADC Virtual

ADC Virtual

The Australian Disputes Centre is here to help you with reliable, secure and easy to use online ‘rooms’.

Online Dispute Resolution provides a convenient, COVID-Safe way for parties to conveniently convene with their mediator, arbitrator or in direct in settlement conferences. Parties can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working from work or home.

The Benefits of the Virtual Concierge Service

ADC’s Concierge Service is designed to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your mediation, arbitration or settlement conference.

As part of your package, ADC offers a Concierge Service for your virtual hearing or mediation, including:

  • A copy of ADC’s ‘How to Guide’ – including general tips for effective communication online.
  • Liaising with all participants to test their devices, and familiarise them with the platform.

Make a Booking

Whether you’re accessing ADC Virtual from work or home, you will find it easy to connect from anywhere.  Making a booking is easy, contact us by calling +61 2 9239 0700 or emailing