ADC Schools Invitational Debate 2017

I am delighted to advise NSW Young Lawyers of the 4thannual ADC Schools Invitational Debate in 2017 and extend a warm invitation to your members to join us as an integral part of the program taking place from 9 August – 13 September.

This pro-bono program is designed to engage passionate young practitioners and university debaters as coaches and adjudicators to assist Year 10 students in developing their debating and public speaking skills.

With a focus on social justice, students work in mixed school teams, – public and private – to open dialogue, build peer networks and participate in a strong leadership development opportunity.

As in prior years, we ask that schools do not send their ‘debating team’, but offer the chance to those who may not have had the opportunity to develop debating skills.

We believe that your influence has the power to inspire and guide these students to achieve great things!

The Program’s goals are to:

Develop the students’ debating and public speaking skills

Provide a unique peer-networking opportunity

Encourage students to think critically about the nature of conflict and how it may be resolved.

Provide University debaters and young lawyers a important pro bono opportunity; coaching and mentoring a group of talented young people with potentially similar goals and aspirations.

Key Points:

The commitment is under 1.5 hours a week over six weeks. 

Dates: Each Wednesday, 5:15 – 6:40pm from 9th August – 13th September and a coaches briefing on 7th August.

The ADC debating competition  is not ‘just another’ debating competition on the Sydney circuit. It has proven itself as a unique, effective and fun program.

The need for enthusiastic coaching and adjudication is critical.

With your support and leadership, the program imparts a passion for the benefits of teamwork, thinking about world issues, gathering information and presenting persuasive arguments through the art and process of debate.

From previous years we know that students find their voice on this program and leave more empowered in their studies and within their communities.

This pro-bono program is a rewarding one on many levels and is a terrific opportunity for young practitioners who enjoy working with young people.

Please let me know if you have any queries and thank you for your support. I look forward to speaking with interested lawyers about this opportunity.