Supervising mediation sessions for the 2021 ADC-ICC Asia-Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition was an incredibly rewarding experience. It provided a rare opportunity to witness contestants from across the world come together to find creative solutions to difficult problems. One of the strengths of mediation is that it can lead to outcomes that address each party’s underlying interests. I enjoyed watching contestants propose and negotiate remedies that went beyond damages and focused on the relationships underpinning the dispute. This was a great learning experience for me. I was exposed to various different styles of negotiation and it was interesting to compare how teams approached the same issues differently. The grand finalists were very impressive and were a shining example of best practice. I cannot commend this experience enough. If you are interested in learning how to mediate and negotiate more effectively, even in your everyday life, this experience will be invaluable. Elizabeth Cox, ADC Intern

I am law student, intern with the Australian Disputes Centre, and a volunteer Session Supervisor with the 2021 Asia-Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition. The opportunity to volunteer at such a prestigious competition was an honour and such an invaluable experience. Not only did I learn about the process of mediation as a form of dispute resolution, but I was also able to connect with the students competing. Witnessing different styles of conducting mediation with the same set of facts was so interesting as it really highlighted the diverse styles that can be used, and the variety of conclusions one can form. The opportunity to network with professionals in their field was also an amazing experience as it allowed me to learn from the best and listen to their feedback to adopt skills and techniques to use in my future careers and opportunities with mediation. Rhiannon Marshall-Witte, ADC Intern

As an LL.M candidate focusing studies on ADR, I have professionally integrated myself in the ADR community by volunteering in various ADR-related positions. The role of Session Supervisor for the ADC-ICC Asia Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition 2021 will be one of the more unforgettable positions; with the opportunity to work closely with professionals across the competition such as mediators, lawyers, and institutional staff, as well as connect with competing students from across the globe. As an APCMC Session Supervisor, I was responsible for making sure that competitive mediation sessions ran smoothly and that the rules of the competition were upheld. In doing so, I became familiar with differing strategies and various styles by parties in the mediation as well as by the mediators themselves. As such, volunteering as a Session Supervisor for the APCMC afforded me a great opportunity to learn general practicalities of mediation as well as network with leading professionals and future practitioners in the field. Stephano Salani, ADC Intern