Congratulations again to all four teams who reached the Semi-Final Round and excelled in their mediation sessions. Your achievement was a credit to your hard work and your commitment to honing some seriously world-class ADR skills. You all gave very impressive performances as Counsel and Clients.

  • The University of Auckland (Team 801)
  • National University of Singapore (Team 827)
  • UNSW (Team 817) 
  • West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Team 822)

We also extend our congratulations to your dedicated and talented coaches who have helped guide you in the lead-up to the competition and throughout the Preliminary Rounds to reach the semi-finals. Thank you coaches for your support of the APCMC.

Thank you also to the Semi-Final’s Mediators -Jawad Sarwana and Nina Harding, Judges – Jamie Nuich, Reema Bhandari, Nina Kouri, Ridi Rubaiyat, Rajesh Sharma and Kerrie-Anne Luscombe, and Session Supervisors – Christelle Santos and Cheryl Au. The competition can’t happen without you; our highly-skilled volunteer cadre of international ADR professionals. Congratulations on guiding these semi-final rounds with such skill, and for presenting the student competitors with a wonderful learning opportunity with your insightful feedback and encouragement.