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ADC leads the field with its interactive and skills-based online mediation courses. Explore your options for ADC’s world-class training courses and accreditation!

About us

The Australian Dispute Centre (ADC) is dedicated to advancing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) knowledge and skills in all sectors and levels.

With over 37 years of experience delivering accredited mediator training programs, we proudly present courses in Mediation and Mediator Accreditation, Conflict Resolution & ADR and more.

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  Mediation Training & Accreditation

ADC’s five-day training course enables you to gain essential knowledge, skills, and tools to become an accredited mediator or use subsets of these skills in various contexts within the workplace, community and litigation process.

Up-skill and add ADC and National Mediator Accreditation credentials to your professional profile.

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  Mediator Refresher Course

A full-day, practical skills development programme provides training and expert coaching from ADC’s skilled, professional practitioners.

If you are preparing for accreditation or re-accreditation, completing your mediator’s continued professional development (CPD) requirements, or simply seeking an opportunity to expand your skills in an intensive learning environment, this course is for you.

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 Commercial Mediation Masterclass & Advanced Mediator Accreditation

Advanced advocacy and mediation CPD Program with ADC’s pre-eminent legal and ADR faculty and peers diving into ‘the how’ of mediating complex commercial disputes. Enroll in our one-day Commercial Mediation Masterclass or register for all three-day to gain the Advanced Mediator Accreditation programme (with the Masterclass included).

For experienced mediators, 2023 is the time to take the next step in your professional development and gain the highly respected ADC accreditation as an Advanced Mediator. Contact ADC for further information.

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 Complaints Handling

ADC’s Complaints Handling Course is designed for client-facing roles at any level. This one-day course teaches participants how to respond to challenging situations, understand service recovery strategies, and build customer loyalty by turning a potentially adverse situation into a positive experience.

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 Conflict Resolution & ADR Training

The one-day Conflict Resolution & ADR Course gives you practical skills and strategies to minimise the adverse effects of conflict, resolve disputes and strengthen your relationships.

Our Conflict Resolution & ADR Course is the flagship course for all project managers and others in the construction industry, tendering for new business and seeking to better manage existing contracts.

On completion, you receive a Certificate of Participation and a one-day credit towards ADC’s Mediation Training programme.

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 Facilitating Difficult Discussions Course

This highly interactive course assists you in giving and receiving authentic and timely feedback, whether in the role of a professional advisor, manager,  team leader, supervisor, people and culture consultant, trainer, or an administrator.

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 Continuing Professional Development Programme

ADC presents an exciting and comprehensive Continuing Professional Development Programme with seminars and workshops designed to meet the needs of ADR practitioners and legal representatives.

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 In-house training service

ADC offers in-house learning and professional development programmes to meet your needs with customisation options to design a course or seminar that suits your specific organisational requirements.

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Why us?

37+ years of national and international training capability

As an ADR industry leader, ADC has been at the forefront of providing mediation training courses since 1986. Recognised nationally and internationally, ADC has successfully trained thousands of professionals in mediation skills and processes from all walks of life.

Australia’s leading faculty

ADC’s mediator practitioner-trainers and coaches bring decades of mediation and training experience to the training room. ADC’s faculty is passionate about maximising your learning by immersing you in a challenging, rewarding, exciting training environment.

Designed to meet your needs

ADC’s mediation training is suitable for a broad range of participants from business, government, law, HR, NFPs, psychology, counselling, social services, consulting, town planning, the community sector, and more. ADC’s unique course design gives you the opportunity to practise your mediation skills in an area of interest to you (workplace, commercial and multidisciplinary).

Focused on your experience and success

Many of Australia’s leading national and international mediators have completed their mediation training and accreditation with ADC. ADC is focused on helping develop practical skills, and we provide many more professional coaching hours than required under the Australian National Standards. On ADC’s course, you will be developing your skills – with written and verbal feedback from a professional mediator-coach – in a small group of three or over three of the five-day training course.

Continuing professional development opportunities

We understand that improving your mediation skills is a life-long learning journey. ADC supports your professional development with regular Thought Leadership Seminars, ADR Bulletins, and Mediation Skills Workshops.


“A substantial component of the course was devoted to allowing students to build on the theory learnt by actually being involved in mock mediations, both as a mediator and as a party, which allowed students to not only practise mediation skills with experienced coaches providing feedback but also gaining valuable insight from the perspective of a party involved in a dispute.

All of the staff delivering the course were fantastic. As well as obviously being very knowledgeable and experienced, they were also very friendly and approachable. The course was the right mix of theory and practical training.” – Shane January 2022

“Absolutely brilliant learning experience. I was particularly impressed by the process of providing feedback on our performance from several experienced coaches. The real-time live assessment was extremely valuable.” – Prasuna, March 2021

“Great experience. Good teachers and classmates, and forum. Online training worked well. Not excessive amounts of homework or personal learning. A well-thought-out program. Excellent role plays.” – Aidan, October 2020

“I had been considering a Mediation course for a number of years but didn’t know where to do it. I am so glad I did the course with ADC and would highly recommend them to anyone considering this course. — Gina

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