Rachnita Sok

ADR has always been my area of interest and my time at the ADC allowed me to further explore the procedure and practicality of mediation. I had the opportunity to prepare for and to witness several mediation accreditation training sessions by being tasked to participate in role plays as part of the training where I got to meet respected judges and highly-experienced mediators. Additionally, I co-wrote articles for the ADC’s bulletins which allowed me to polish my drafting and legal research skills. As part of professional development, I was also able to immensely improve my communication skills and teamwork by working closely with supportive and accomplished individuals.

James Occleshaw

ADR skills are vital in the day-to-day practice of law. As an intern, I was able to observe the ADC’s best-practice leadership in Australia and internationally. As a Melbournian, I also learned how truly beautiful and energetic Sydney is! At the ADC, I received excellent mentoring from the CEO which reinforced my interest in ADR, banking, and finance. I also realised my interest in contracts and IP. Given the opportunity to lead major contract drafting efforts, I cultivated my leadership and communication skills. Further, I was given the flexibility to pursue research into the consequences of the Financial Services Royal Commission’s Final Report for ADR. I am pursuing a career in law, with the view to practicing in the area of banking and finance, transactions and dispute resolution.

Esther Tse

Having studied aspects of ADR in different areas of law throughout my degree, I have sincerely enjoyed my internship with the ADC. Interning here has enabled me to appreciate the growing presence of ADR in Australia and has helped me realise the significance of dispute resolution skills. This experience has not only enhanced my interpersonal and ‘soft’ skills, but has also enabled me to apply the knowledge and skills I have developed throughout my degree in a professional environment and gain invaluable insights about the realities of ADR. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I have gained from my time at the ADR in the future!

Yan Feng Low

During my stint as an intern at the ADC, I was exposed to aspects of ADR that are not normally covered in university courses. One example would be cross-cultural mediation and its importance, considering the multicultural hub that is Sydney. Coming from Singapore, this remains a very important component of ADR for me, and I am thankful that I was able develop my understanding of this area. Most of all, it was eye-opening to see how the process of mediation and arbitration is conducted in reality, aside from the theoretical aspects taught in university courses. With an LLM. and ADC internship under my belt, I intend to pursue my LL.B. in Singapore to be a lawyer, eventually specializing in ADR.

Isabelle Monier-Gorton

The ADC/ACICA Internship Programme is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the nature of ADR from both an Australian and global perspective. The resources and materials available are invaluable, and allowed me to meaningfully improve my understanding of different ADR methods and the skills a third-party neutral should possess. Being able to attend various ADR seminars on a variety of different topics was a great way to develop my professional networking skills and gave me the opportunity to appreciate the significant role ADR plays within the legal industry in offering a just, quick and cheap alternative to resolving a dispute.

Lena Lindinger

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the ADC, especially as an international student. This experience has helped me to land other student positions at law firms across Europe. It has also had a big impact on my studies; conducting research and writing articles for the ADC improved my understanding of legal language. It was fascinating to be able to analyse the differences between dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe. Most of all, I was able to make close friendships that I will cherish forever.

Zuzanna Cieplińska

My internship at ADC was a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge and interest in ADR. During my time, I was involved in matters related to online dispute resolution, disclosure of arbitral appointments, and the ADR and Aboriginal rights. This was a very enriching learning experience. ADC gave me a chance to pursue my academic interest and publish two of my articles: ‘The Importance of the Deepwater Horizon Case for the Integrity of the Arbitral Process’, and ‘Resolving Belt and Road Disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution’. After completing the internship, I have decided to further pursue ADR in my career.

Tabitha Abraham

I wanted to be part of the internship programme at ADC/ACICA to further explore my interests in the area of ADR. During my time in Sydney, I conducted research tasks that broadened my knowledge in dispute resolution, and assisted in programmes conducted by the ADC/ACICA. The team at the organization was welcoming and encouraging, and I truly value my experience. I recently completed my Bachelor in Laws (Hons) degree from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, in Sri Lanka, and am currently back in Sri Lanka as a trainee at a law firm.

Hà Mỹ Linh

After participating in several international commercial arbitration moot court, I realize ADR is quite attractive and decide to pursue it. This is also the reason why I come to ADC/ACICA to do the internship. During the internship, I had the opportunity to learn more about ADR as well as the Australian legal system. The highlight of the internship would be attending the Supreme Court of New South Wales ADR Address 2019. Further, I also had to chance to practice drafting and research skill while helping other Associates, which might contribute greatly to my future career. I currently plan to continue studying to obtain a certificate for a legal practice in Vietnam since I believe that I should learn and understand my countries’ legal system at first.

Cyrus Bailey

I’m more than grateful to the team at the ADC and ACICA for ensuring my time spent as an intern was fruitful. There has certainly been no shortage of engaging work. I’m certain that the skills I have tempered in my time at the ADC/ACICA will be invaluable in the future. I’m primarily interested in criminal law, and am on the verge of graduating from Macquarie University. I’m also continuing at the ADC as an Associate following my internship, a role that I’m thoroughly enjoying. I would encourage anyone to apply.

Christelle Santos

My internship at ACICA/ADC has deepened my understanding of the importance of ADR. I believe it is an aspect of law that all law students should be educated on. The team is nothing but professional, organised, welcoming and supportive, and because of that I was able to learn so much from them. I am certain that the knowledge and skills I have gained from this internship will be of great importance in both my life and my future career in law. Thank you ACICA/ADC for making my experience absolutely worthwhile!

Ashley Catterall

Working for the ADC and ACICA gave me a valuable insight into the daily operation of a first-class ADR centre. From contributing to mediation training, to meeting the most eminent Australian ADR lawyers at the 2019 ADR Awards, this experience has made an excellent international addition to my CV. The privilege of working amongst dispute resolution experts, in the glittering heart of Sydney’s CBD, is a memory I will treasure. It has affirmed my desire to work in legal disputes.

Nam Nguyen

My internship with the ADC has deepened my knowledge and interest for alternative dispute resolution – an aspect of the law that university studies often overlook. Being able to participate in the process and outcomes of resolving everyday disputes was extremely rewarding, and even more so with a fantastic team that tireless supported me along the way. Thank you for an unforgettable summer!