Differing from the adversarial court system which is often quite intimidating, I find that the flexible and informal nature of ADR makes it a much more attractive avenue to take. The way in which it seeks to find solutions that are catered towards individual party needs allows parties to have more control over the process and outcome of their dispute.  In terms of the highlights while interning at ADC/ACICA, interning at the ADC/ACICA gave me the opportunity to not only witness the different progression stages of mediation/ conciliation but also to engage with a plethora of legal professionals who have extensive experience in dispute resolution. The Centre continuously encouraged me to interact and learn from these professionals, which in turn allowed me to gain invaluable insight into the real practical advantages of ADR.

[Jennifer Kim]

Throughout my degree, I was always attracted to the dispute resolution aspect of law; I found the practical nature and the solution-focussed mindset of the area appealing. I was also aware of the rapid rate at which ADR is growing. As a student, the opportunity to be involved in such a growth area was very exciting. My internships with ACICA and the ADC provided a great mix of theoretical and practical learning in addition to incredible social events. Firstly, I enjoyed being given the responsibility to independently write and edit research articles for the ADC Bulletin and the ACICA Review. I also had the opportunity to undertake the first two days of the ADC’s mediation accreditation course. Rounding the experience were the incredible social events and the fun and supportive culture of the office; a highlight was attending the Australian ADR Awards (hosted by the ADC) in August this year in which I had the opportunity to meet former Chief Justice of the High Court Robert French. [Ed Basha]

I was attracted to ADR as initially I was seeking an internship where I could learn more about the dispute resolution processes that operate beyond the courts. I was interested in what was involved in alternate dispute resolution and wanted to gain a better understanding of how clients compared ADR to going to court. My most enjoyable experience at ADC/ACICA was having the opportunity to become involved in the mediation training the Centre often provides. Being able to participate in the role play scenarios and contribute to the learning environment was a powerful experience as a student, and i enjoyed meeting all the talented people involved in the program. [Louise Weir]

I am excited by ADR and the way in which it challenges the traditional norms surrounding litigation. I think in today’s diverse, highly globalised world where clients and parties may be across borders or from different cultural backgrounds to be exposed to other methods of dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration that may be better suited to their needs. During the internship, I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside like-minded people who similarly had a passion for ADR, and making new friends throughout the internship. I decided to stay on for 6 months as I was enjoying the learning and opportunities presented to me at both the ADC and ACICA. One of the highlights was participating in the mediation training course as it allowed me to gain a practical insight into how a mediation is supposed to run, as well as all of the different elements to it. [Nina O’Keefe]

I was first attracted to ADR after competing in a number of law school competitions. Each week, no matter the competition nor scenario, I always found that some sort of ADR process was the most responsible and effective first step to take in addressing the problem. I didn’t feel I had learnt enough about ADR in my law subjects, and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding about how various ADR methods operate. In terms of the internship, I really enjoyed knowing that every time I came to the office, I would get to experience something new and completely different. The internship was extremely hands-on, and I appreciated being given the responsibility and independence to work through different issues by myself. I really gained a lot of practical experience! [Phillip Alponse]

To me, ADR ticked all the boxes. Not only would it allow me to exercise my love of problem solving, it would also challenge my interpersonal skills more than any other area of the law. Highlights while interning at the ADC include the mediation training sessions and seminars I was able to attend. [James Li]

I was attracted to ADR because I enjoyed participating in an international commercial arbitration moot competition in 2016 (which was hosted by the ADC). During my time as an intern with ADC/ACICA, I enjoyed learning about the inner workings of ADR and interacting with a variety of people involved in ADR processes.     [Josh Reisler]