e – Notification of a Dispute

for the Appointment of a Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Thank you for the referral of your dispute to the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC). We are pleased to assist the parties in this matter. Before you begin to complete this form, please read our relevant Guidelines or Rules, including fees. If you need any further advice on the process, please call us on 61 2 9239 0700.



Expert Determination


ADC also accepts referrals by email. Contact Details.

What you will need to complete this online form:

  • Contact details for all parties involved, and their legal representatives (if known)
  • The contract between the parties (if applicable)
  • Key correspondence between the parties
  • Notification of the Dispute (as between the parties)
  • Credit Card Payment Required. ADC’s non-refundable Registration Fee of AU$1,500 is payable by credit card on this form.

Please note that you cannot partially complete, save and then return to this form. If you do not have all required details, please insert “TBA” in the relevant field.