To launch the ADC-ICC Asia Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition on Friday 10 September 2021, over 100 students, volunteers and dignitaries gathered online for the ‘Official Opening’.

ADC’s CEO Deborah Lockhart was joined by Bryan Clarke, CEO of the International Chamber of Commerce, Australia in welcoming all APCMC participants, volunteers and special guests.

Representing over 15 countries, our international attendees were honoured to receive a warm Welcome to Country from Auntie Bronwyn Penrith onto the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation (Sydney). Auntie Bronwyn is a Mediator, Trainer and Change Management Consultant. She is a tireless advocate for her community, currently chairing and participating in multiple organisations and national committees with a focus on women and family issues.

The APCMC 2021 was honoured to have so many senior member of the diplomatic corp to Australia join us for the Official Opening and take the time to engage with students and ADR professionals in the online networking opportunity as part of proceedings.

We extend a special thanks to His Excellency Mr Kwok Fook Seng, High Commissioner for Singapore for his introductory remarks. We weren’t forewarned, but 10 September is the day that Australia signed the Singapore Mediation Convention. The synchronicity of His Excellency’s remarks on the importance of trading entities having confidence in the enforceability of their cross border mediation agreements, and Australia’s simultaneous commitment to the Convention, is a moment in time that the APCMC will value as a key point in advancing its objectives in the Asia-Pacific for timely, cost efficient, private and enforceable mediation agreements that will benefit international trading entities.

We also acknowledge and thank His Excellency Mr Eduardo Patricio PEÑA HALLER, Ambassador of Mexico, His Excellency Mr Anderson N MADUBIKE, High Commissioner for Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr Miguel Julian PALOMINO DE LA GALA, Ambassador of Peru and Her Excellency Ambassador of the Philippines, Mrs Ma. Hellen BARBER DE LA VEGA, together with senior diplomatic representatives from Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Thailand, for their support of APCMC 2021.

Let the competition begin!