ADR v Adjudication: Jurisprudential and Socio-Economic Considerations

The Hon. Chief Justice Chris Kourakis’ SA Supreme Court Address

Crypto-currency and medieval market fair courts may have more in common than first meets the eye. Kourakis CJ takes us back to the future in postulating how disputes involving new technologies may best be resolved.

The Australian Disputes Centre received a warm welcome at the Supreme Court of South Australia in hosting the Court’s inaugural ADR Address on 18 October 2018.

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis enthralled a large attendance in the Ceremonial Court as he led them from the world of block-chain and crypto-currency back through time to the Victorian era, Medieval Fair Market Courts, and down the ages to Plato and the arbitrators of Ancient Greece. Looping back to the complexities of today’s new technologies, Kourakis CJ draws on the old and the ancient in arbitral practice to inform today’s response to the emerging needs of our increasingly high-tech world.