The Grand-final for 2021 is complete!

Announcing the Winning team for 2021:

  • West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Team 822)

Congratulations to the team from The West Bengal National University of Juridicial Sciences, Kolkata (Kaira PinheiroAyushi ThakurSaiesh K. and Deeksha Viswanathan, with coaches Jawad A J and Aastha Malhotra) for winning the 5th annual APCMC!

In a stunning Grand Final, our congratulations also to the runners up, The University of Auckland team (Joshua OliverKaran Kalsi, Nick StewartSpencer Barley, with coaches Keeha Oh and Matthew Jackson. In a riveting negotiation both teams excelled in the Grand Final mediation session.

Special thanks to our prestigious international judging panel, Bianca Keys, Greg Laughton SC, Helen Shurven, Fahmi Shahab Sameer Shah, and mediator Anne Sutherland.

As winners of APCMC 2021, The West Bengal National University of Juridicial Sciences, Kolkata team were awarded the Henry Jolson Memorial Prize from the Victorian Bar, preferential entry into the 17th Annual ICC Mediation Competition in Paris 2022 from the International Chamber of Commerce and, together with the team from The University of Auckland University, internships with the Australian Disputes Centre.

We will have photos and commentary to share over the coming days, but for now, our warm congratulations to finalists and to all teams and volunteers who have made the APCMC 2021 such a memorable event.