Australian ADR Awards 2016 – Winners

Female ADR Practitioner of the Year
Georgia Quick, Partner Ashurst, Sydney

ADR Practitioner of the Year
Luke Tilley, Principal ADR Officer, QCAT, Brisbane

International ADR Practitioner
Max Bonnell, Partner King &Wood Malleson, Sydney

Young Mediator of the Year
Sarah Blake, Mediator & Dispute Resolution Consultant, Perth

ATSI Mediator of the Year
Maratja Dhamarrandji, Mediator & Interpreter, Darwin

Mediator of the Year
Mary Walker, Barrister, Sydney

International Mediator of the Year
Delcy Lagones de Anglim, Mediator & Dispute Resolution Consultant, Canberra

ADR Practice Group of the Year
Clifford Chance, Perth

ADR Corporate Team of the Year

Australian ADR Awards 2016

The Australian ADR Awards recognise both individual and team excellence in the area of alternative dispute resolution.

The Awards are open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents, and Australia-based ADR teams.

Excellence in both the Australian (domestic) and international contexts are recognised by the Awards.

Thank you to all who have submitted nominations and we look forward to seeing you all your submissions in 2017.